Ranjit Mukherjee – Pushpita Mukherjee

I could see my dad’s eagerness to meet his Sir and work was such that he waits everyday from day 1 of his therapy all prepared and ready for his respected Sir to arrive so that his Sir doesn’t have to wait even 1 second . For dad his Sir is his most trusted and I know he cannot say but his respect and thankfulness towards his Sir is beyond words 🙏. My dad’s classes make his day and keeps him motivated and positive. He has a very strong longing…………. Read more

Praveen Chajjar

Since the time I have started going to Speech Plus, my stammering has reduced and I have seen considerable improvement. Somenath Sir has really helped me get better. He has been so kind, patient and co-operative. He has so many amazing techniques to improve your speech. He is not only a wonderful doctor but also an amazing human being. Thank you Somenath Sir for always making me feel better.

This is a testimonial for you from the bottom of my heart..though I wanted to write a bigger testimonial but since its for ur website, I thought to keep it crisp.

Satyaki Choudhury

I have had nothing but positive experiences from this journey with Dr Somenath Mukherjee. The day I first met him, I realized I was in the right hands. Within months I improved a lot. The sessions really motivated and engaged me. Honestly saying, I don’t remember enjoying an appointment with any other doctor other than him, this is probably due to the fact that he never treats us like patients.
Dr Somenath Mukherjee is an incredible speech therapist, highly professional at what he does. He is insightful, empathetic, resourceful and above all FUN. I can’t thank him enough for all his support and motivation and will always be grateful for his help.

Diwakar Chandra Lal

My Name is Diwakar Chandra Lal Presently living in Kolkata. And I’m suffering from severe Stammering since childhood. Then I came to know about SPEECH PLUS which is a Speech Therapy Centre & starts taking speech therapy under the guidance of Mr. Somenath Mukherjee sir.
And after a few months of speech therapy, I improved a lot in my speech & feeling well now. This all becomes possible only due to the guidance & encouragement of Somenath sir.  And one more thing is that the exercises & practice work given by him is very helpful and cause of free from Stammering.
I would like to add one thing also that all the Therapist & Staffs of Speech Plus is very helpful & of good behavior.
So, I want to advise all those who are suffering from Stammering may kindly visit at least once to Speech Plus for their treatment.
Thank you…

Debasish chakraborty

Myself Debasish Chakraborty, a retired person, came into contact with Mr Somnath Mukherjee, a senior, very dynamic Speech Therapist of Speech Plus centre, sometime back. Now I got the discharge from Speech Plus after the recovery of my stuttering problem and it is possible at this age of above 61 years only due to Mr Mukherjee’s most caring, very friendly attitude and a strong sense of responsibility upon me during my journey with him at Speech Plus. His very polite behaviour, encouragement, effective advice time to time, dedication, enthusiasm, resulted to allow me to learn the different techniques more deeply and that’s why I can speak much better than earlier in public place. He is very much helpful in all respect whatever I questioned him regarding the stuttering issue and by applying his valuable advice/answer, I felt that it is very much helpful for me to speak in proper manner. His online therapy program during the lockdown period (due to covid 19) was also very much helpful for me to continue the practice regularly.
I am very much grateful to Mr Somnath Mukherjee to come out from my stuttering problem at this age and certainly it was not possible for me without the valuable advice and effective treatment of Mr Somnath Mukherjee.
It is truly thanks to Mr Somnath Mukherjee that I enjoyed my entire journey with him at Speech Plus.

Udayan Dey Sarkar

This is Udayan Dey Sarkar, professionally, an Instructional Designer. Over the past 37 years, I have been struggling to overcome my severe stuttering. Though, it was only possible after being treated by Mr. Somenath Mukherjee of Speech Plus. Since, stuttering is not a disease but disorder, it can only be controlled and not cured. Moreover, this can be achieved exclusively through professional guidance. Somenath Sir and his whole Speech Plus team specialises in this art. Instant results may surprise you but they can endure only through deep understanding of the issue and pure hardwork. Thank you, Sir for everything!!! Take care and long live the sprit of Speech Plus. 👍👍👍

Vivek Sharma - Age 26

I’ve noticed a lot of improvement in my speech from before and you just have to follow his instructions blindly with placing full faith on him!
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