I could see my dad’s eagerness to meet his Sir and work was such that he waits everyday from day 1 of his therapy all prepared and ready for his respected Sir to arrive so that his Sir doesn’t have to wait even 1 second . For dad his Sir is his most trusted and I know he cannot say but his respect and thankfulness towards his Sir is beyond words 🙏. My dad’s classes make his day and keeps him motivated and positive. He has a very strong longing to get back to his previous intellectual self and he feels defeated and lost because he had stroke which has affected him. But he now knows his godly helper is his Sir and trusts his Sir totally . Thank you Somenath for being such great friend ti my dad and myself 🙏. Such complex recovery isn’t just therapy it is actually delicate combination of tailored support which almost always changes each day based on the dad’s needs , feelings and emotions. My schoolmate Baichitra had told me at start the very start that he hasn’t come across such a brilliant therapist like Somenath and I have experienced that first hand via my dad’s therapy by Somenath. My dad is where he is today by Somenath’s help and support. My dad’s cardiologist and heart surgeon were very pleased by dad’s improvement and impressed and praising the hardwork by dad’s therapist Somenath for bringing progress to dad’s condition. Myself, my pishi (dad’s elder sister) Aparna and her son Ramit are thankful to Somenath for honestly helping my dad like a friend. Dad’s friends and other concerned extended family members and acquaintances are happy to be able to see my dad slowly recovering back. Thank you Somenath for your unparalleled professionalism, extreme thoughtfulness, tremendous care and kindness, examplerary honesty, ultimate responsibility and superior knowledge and work ethics. You are truely an asset, superbly talented, great human being and fabulous and trusting friend. Very good luck in every endeavour. I am extremely thankful and indebted towards your support and help in my dad’s recovery. Thank you muchly 🙏


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