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Hi! Myself Somenath Mukherjee. By profession, I am a Speech Language Pathologist. I love to spend time with patients to understand their problems & to offer them concrete solutions that help my patients to solve their communication problems & can boost their confidence. In my versatile career, I am fortunate to have worked with different groups of patients which helped me to learn the subject and to enhance my clinical experience, in the last 15 years.  Learning is a never-ending curve; I learn everyday from each & every patient in speech & hearing science. Every case is unique, just like all of us speak in different manners & style.

Peerless Hospital and National Neuro Science Center helped me to work deeply with neurological patients. In Apollo Hospital Kolkata I learned a lot about Voice Therapy patients, Oral and Maxillofacial cancer patients. In Woodlands I learned a lot about paediatric speech therapy. In ISI I understood the value of research. In Belle Vue I learned a lot about Swallowing Assessment & Therapy. In Calcutta University, applied Psychology unit when we were working on a testing tool for Learning Disability & Autism at that time I re-discovered the beauty of Language Therapy. In Speech Plus I learned the importance of Group Therapy in Stammering or Stuttering. In a nutshell I have given more than 70,000 Therapy Sessions to the different patient groups. My patients are asset to me in distress not in joy, so I treat them as my family members. In my last 15 years of the journey, I came across many patients who later became very good friends of mine.

Speech Therapy/Pathology is not my profession. It’s my passion!

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