Shreyan Mukherjee, 2014

One fine day I was sitting in my chamber on that time my best friend Kuntal called me, Kuntal is a co-founder of speech plus and is also an excellent speech therapist. I thought he will do some chit chat so I go downstairs at his chamber to had some tea. He told me there is a case named as Shreyan who has profound hearing loss in both ears and using a good quality hearing aid since at the age of 1 year. Though it is an early identified case but the improvement was not much and still he is lacking in language skills, can we do something for this young boy who has just become 3. I said let’s try. One Saturday evening Shreyan came to me with his parents and I liked the boy. Very intelligent and sharp but the major problem was auditory awareness which was very poor and he was totally depending on his lip-reading skills.

His mother is a teacher and his father is working in a well known corporate. First I told them we have to work hard and they have to support me and if needed they have to go for high-end hearing aids, they agreed.

The first two weeks, my priority was to make a rapport with the child, by God s grace I was successful. Slowly I started to train his mother as I had understood that once a week is not enough for him but they came from Agarpara which is 3 hours journey from my clinic so it was impossible to come twice. I told her mother she has to be half therapist to make her child near normal.

She followed all my instructions properly. Again I learn one new thing that in this world the best doctor is Mother if she wants she can do a miracle. Slowly the child started to improve and now Shreyan can tell you a complete story. He is excellent in academics. last year he stood third in his class. Nowadays his mother used to tell him please stop talking as he talks throughout the day. He has some issues in articulation but I am confident with the help of his mother I will be able to solve it. His parents are excellent they trusted me 110% and in last six years their dependency on me make me bound to think Shreyan as my student, not as my patient. Still I feel I am his one of the family members as his all family members know me and I met them many times. Whenever Shreyan comes to my chamber and ask for four candies at that time I feel from the core of my heart this is my actual fees.

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