Ranjit Mukherjee, 2019

One fine evening I got a WhatsApp message from a lady , she was very anxious and want to know many things for her father who had a stroke just after open heart surgery. I explained her everything over phone . This case was refer to me by Baichitra who is good friend of mine and is an excellent physiotherapist.

I had gone to visit the patient , I have seen many patients in my life and had given more than 75000 therapy sessions but I feel really bad when I saw Mr Ranjit Mukherjee. He was totally confused , can t speak properly was looking at me and his eyes was saying please help me. A veteran Engineer and member of calcutta club was not able to read and write on that day. I really feel very bad and I took the challenge to make him fluent again in all aspect.

I like his approach though he is 70 years old but he was ready to follow all my instructions like a class five student really I never got such an obedient patient in my life. Mostly I took home visit and involve my junior where I visit once or twice in a week and rest of the days my junior used to take care of the case. But the eagerness of learning from me and Puspita s ( his daughter) complete faith on me somehow bound me to visit the case daily. We started from scratch, slowly he started to pick up things. His left parietal lobe was badly affected so he forgot all letters , numbers , simple arithmetic etc and was not able to speak properly.We have done a WAB test (western aphasia battery) which tells us about in details about the shortfalls in the case as compare to a normal person. I took the case 2019 October. Slowly he started to pick up things. Every day evening he used to wait for me with his copy and pen like a sincere student. Someday he was very upset as he won’t do anything properly on that day but his sincerity was there on every day, whether he is able to perform or not.

I have seen many stroke patient in my life but I have never seen such an honest and sincere patient at the age of 70. The family support was tremendous. They never asked me why , instead of that they followed my instructions at every step. I really enjoyed a lot with this case and again I learn seriousness and sincerity can win over any disease. Now he can talk properly and write big paragraphs in Bengali and English. Now a days we are working on mental maths. In last seven month somehow somewhere he become my friend and really now a days I treat him as my uncle not as my patient. Not every relation is related to blood , some relations are there beyond that also.

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