1. Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development: Click here to read
  2. Speech-Language Therapy: Click here to read
  3. Afasic is a charity that supports parents and carers of children with speech and language impairments. They provide helpful free resources and publications. For more info click here
  4. I CAN is a long-established charity providing Educator training and supporting children with speech, language and communication difficulties. For more info click here
  5. The National Literacy Trust is a UK charity that transforms lives through literacy. They campaign to improve public understanding of the importance of literacy. For more info click here
  6. The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)Professional body of and for Speech and Language Therapists in the UK and Northern Ireland. For more info click here
  7. Makaton is a language programme using signs and symbols to help people communicate. For more info click here
  8. Hanen Providing parents and Speech and Language Therapists with programmes, workshops & resources for early childhood language, literacy development and language delays. For more info click here
  9. Talking Point is a website about children’s speech, language and communication. Also for parents and professionals who work with children and young people. For more info click here
  10. The Communication Trust A collaboration of charities who are raising awareness, providing information, influencing policy and promoting best practice for children. For more info click here
  11. The Dyspraxia Foundation Supports individuals and families affected by developmental dyspraxia through books, suggestions, newsletters and support groups. For more info click here
  12. Stamma is a helpful organisation providing useful information and support on stammering. For more info click here
  13. CICS is an independent, voluntary group run by parents whose children have cochlear implants to help others whose children already have implants and those who are considering cochlear implantation for their child whether unilateral, simultaneous or sequential bilateral. For more info click here
  14. The National Deaf Children’s Society is a British charity dedicated to providing support, information and advice for deaf children and young people, their families and professionals working with them. For more info click here
  15. IPSEA offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). We also provide training on the SEND legal framework to parents and carers, professionals and other organisations. For more info click here
  16. Resources on Pinterest: Click here
  17. FREE Speech and language, OT, and many other SEND resources for families and schools. Click here
  18. Resource of great speech and language links. Click here
  19. Autism Resources. Click here
  20. ASHA Resources. Click here
  21. Autism Ideas & Speech Therapy Activities. Click here
  22. Speech Therapy Ideas for Autistic Children. Click here
  23. Autism Speech Therapy Strategies. Click here
  24. Stuttering resources. Click here
  25. Fluency, Stuttering, and Cluttering Resources. Click here
  26. Therapy for Stuttering. Click here
  27. Voice Disorders. Click here
  28. The Role of Speech-Language Pathologists in Voice Therapy. Click here
  29. Speech Therapy & Voice Disorders. Click here
  30. The Best Speech Therapy Exercises to Get Your Voice Back. Click here
  31. The Benefits of Speech-Language Therapy for Stroke Patients. Click here
  32. Intense Therapy Improves Speech After Stroke. Click here
  33. Speech Therapy for Stroke Victims. Click here
  34. How To Stimulate Language After A Stroke. Click here
  35. Stroke/CVA Resources. Click here
  36. Top 10 SLP Activities for Articulation. Click here
  37. Quick & Easy Articulation Activities for Speech Therapists. Click here
  38. Speech Sound Disorders. Click here
  39. Articulation Therapy Ideas. Click here
  40. Adult Dysphagia. Click here
  41. The Speech-Language Pathologist’s Role in Stroke Recovery. Click here
  42. Dysphagia Rehabilitation: Similarities and Differences in Three Areas of the World. Click here
  43. Speech Therapy After Stroke. Click here

Fun Speech Therapy Apps 4 Kids

  1. Articulation Station: Fun little app providing a range of colourful, engaging pictures for motivating and stimulating children who are working on developing their speech sounds. Ideal for practicing at home. For more info click here
  2. 100 Words for Babies & Toddlers: Perfect for introducing your child to new words. This is a speech and vocabulary learning game for pre-school aged children between 6 months and 4 years old. Colourful animations keep little ones entertained. For more info click here
  3. Splingo’s Language Universe: Reviewed in the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists Bulletin magazine; 4 Star Rating “This app is a fun, interactive way of working on comprehension language targets”. Can be used with children aged 6 to 11 with auditory memory and semantic difficulties. For more info click here
  4. ABC Alphabet Phonics: ABC Alphabet Phonics is a simple, colourful app. It is good for helping children who are struggling with letter name identification practice. Pictures and sounds can be personalised too! For more info click here
  5. Baby Sign & Learn: Help your baby communicate by teaching him/her baby sign language. The Baby Sign and Learn animated characters make learning to sign with your baby or toddler lots of fun. For more info click here
  6. iTouch iLearn Words Speech & Language Skills: There’s lots of educational content within this app. Children can complete different lessons and games in order to learn different words and songs. The app is easy enough for little ones to use. For more info click here
  7. Speech With Milo: Sequencing: We really like this app, it’s so effective. Learning to recognise sequences is one thing, but figuring out how to arrange them into stories is another. Combines familiar sequencing exercises with fun animations to help your little ones get their imagination in order. For more info click here
  8. Speech with Milo: Prepositions Speech with Milo: Prepositions was created as a fun and entertaining speech therapy tool for children. Milo is ideal for parents wanting to teach their children key language skills. It can be used for toddlers and pre-schoolers, as well as children with language delays. For more info click here
  9. Super Duper Apps: Super Duper have designed a number of free apps for educating and helping children across all aspects of speech, language and communication development. Have a look, there’s lot’s to choose from! For more info click here
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