Common Questions

1) How to book my appointment?

To book an appointment, you can call us on  9007731490. You can also drop in your queries regarding slot availability or for any other help via –

WhatsApp: +91-9875671948


2) What is the cost structure?

We offer affordable online speech therapy sessions that ensure the best possible outcomes. Contact us for more info on the individual cost structures for different types of speech problems and their respective treatment processes. For individual sessions, we charge ₹900 per session, and for group sessions, we charge ₹1,000 per session. Contact us for more details on our speech therapy cost structure.

3) What is the treatment outcome?

Our speech therapy is designed to ensure the maximum outcomes and positive results in the minimal time. We follow a very scientific and methodical treatment procedure and treat each speech disorder with special care and unique techniques. Each of our therapy programmes are aimed at delivering a better speech along with a better quality of life to every individual.

4) What is the time frame to treat voice problems?

The time frame depends upon the nature and type of your speech disorder, and depending on the severity of your problem. While some minor voice problems might get treated in 1-3 sittings, others might take more than 10, especially in after-stroke cases. For vocal nodules, it might take anywhere between 4-6 sessions or even more. For unilateral vocal cord palsy, it takes up to 10-12 sessions. For speech therapy after-stroke cases, long term management is required. Contact us for more info on the average time frame required to treat your specific speech or voice problem.

5) What is the number of sessions in a week?

Again, this too, depends upon your specific speech problem and the number of days per week will depend upon your number of speech dysfluencies. For example, most children who require speech therapy generally have an articulation disorder, also known as phonological processing disorder. The typical times taken to correct such speech disorders is between 15 to 20 hours. Therefore, the average frequency for treating articulation disorders would be weekly 1 sitting of 30 mins each.

Contact us to know more about the number of sessions you would need to treat your specific disorder.

6) Who will see me?

Mr. Somenath Mukherjee, a renowned name in the field of Speech-Language Pathologist, will take over your online speech therapy sessions. He is known for handling the most complicated cases, ensuring positive results in the minimum amount of time. Check out his credentials to learn more about his qualifications and achievements.

7) What are the do’s and don’ts of online voice therapy that I need to know?

To make sure you get the maximum results from an online voice therapy, here are certain do’s and don’ts for you to follow:


  • Have a strong internet connection.
  • Be on time.
  • Make sure you or your child is practicing the speech or voice exercises properly as prescribed.
  • Make sure you make the most of each minute of the therapy session.
  • Trust your speech therapist and do as he recommends.
  • Be patient. Speech or voice disorder treatment needs your time and dedication to improve.
  • Be positive. Have faith that your voice therapy sessions will have positive outcomes.
  • Be polite with your speech therapist and corporate with him/her.


  • Don’t misuse your voice.
  • Don’t spend your therapy time discussing personal issues. Instead focus on your child and work with your speech therapist to improve his/her communication.
  • Don’t ask out-of-the-context discussions or questions.
  • Don’t cancel appointments frequently, unless it’s absolutely unavoidable.
  • Don’t interrupt your speech therapist. Wait for him/her to complete what s/he is trying to convey.

8) Is Teletherapy effective? Please guide me.

Teletherapy can be more effective for treating your speech or voice problems, as compared to in-person, traditional therapy. The greatest advantage of online speech therapy is that you can take the sessions while being in a comfortable environment at your home. Also, there are no geographic barriers or scheduling issues. Online speech therapy is the most suitable form for differently-abled individuals. Moreover, it is very cost-efficient.

9) Can I contact the therapist in an emergency?

Yes, you can contact us via WhatsApp in case of an emergency. You can also give us a call and we will help you get connected with our professional Speech-Language Pathologist right away.

10) I may need psychological counselling, then what to do?

In sensitive or special cases, parents or other caregivers might require psychological counseling to help manage their child’s/close one’s speech and voice disorders more confidently. Our therapy sessions are designed to include parental counseling and interaction sessions to improve outcomes.

We also conduct counselling sessions for the individual suffering from speech or voice disorders to boost their will-power and motivate them to take part in therapy sessions and to perform the recommended exercises regularly. Patient education and counseling involves the modification of psychological factors, which has a negative impact on the person, thus affecting his/her vocal health.

Also, we refer to other psychologists or psychotherapists to help you manage your emotional issues better, including stress, anxiety or even depression caused due to speech or voice disorders.


1) Is stuttering curable?

To be honest, there is no 100% cure for stuttering. It can only be controlled or improved using various treatment approaches, the most effective among them being speech therapy. Speech therapy can help a person to reduce the dysfluencies in his/her speech. However, in 75-80% of the cases in children, stuttering would go away within 12-24 months, without any speech therapy. For adults too, up to 80% reduction in stuttering cases can be achieved. It’s always better to consult a professional speech therapist well in time to avoid further complications.

2) Why it happens?

The primary causes of stuttering include –

  • Abnormalities in speech motor control
  • Hereditary (stuttering runs in the family)
  • Delayed childhood development
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Stroke
  • Neurogenic causes like Traumatic Brain Injury, signal abnormalities between brain and nerves, and other brain disorders

3) How much time is taken for treatment?

The time taken to treat a person with stuttering problems depends upon the severity and the type of stuttering. It also depends upon the number of speech dysfluencies a person has. The treatment outcomes of stuttering works best if you begin addressing your speech dysfluencies at an early stage. Consider seeing a speech therapist if your child has stuttered for 3-6 months. The therapy sessions may involve a minimum of 10-12 sittings, and a maximum of 16-18 sittings, depending upon the nature of the problem.

4) Is treatment guaranteed?

Our speech therapy sittings can guarantee the best outcome for stutterers, and help to reduce up to 80% of speech dysfluencies.

5) How do you treat this?

Stutterers need to undergo diagnosis conducted by a professional speech-language pathologist (SLP) to identify the nature and type of his/her speech dysfluencies. After observing the individual in different situations, the SLP suggests the best treatment to ensure the maximum outcomes. The best way to treat stuttering is through speech therapy, which helps to –

  • Improve one’s speech fluency
  • Develop effective speech and other communication skills
  • Participate actively at work, in school and other social activities

An SLP can also conduct group therapy sessions for better participation in more meaningful conversations. This further helps an individual to speak out more confidently and hence, improve his/her speech and language.

6) How to increase my confidence and reduce my anxiety?

To boost your confidence, you –

  • Must overcome your fears.
  • Stop avoiding specific words you find hard to pronounce.
  • Speak up! Share your personal thoughts and address your stuttering problems by discussing with your close ones.
  • Explore your talents and showcase your skills.
  • Don’t avoid public speaking. Join a public speaking class.
  • Socialise. Find friends who stutter as well. People with similar problems feel comfortable in sharing their problems and having a more meaningful conversation.
  • Of course, seek treatment by seeing an experienced speech pathologist.
  • Practice at home.
  • Try mindfulness.
  • Relax. It reduces stress, anxiety and hence, helps manage stuttering better.

7) Is online speech therapy effective?

Yes, online speech therapy, which involves one-on-one, in-person sessions, can be more effective than traditional clinic-based speech therapy. Most importantly, you can participate in speech therapy sessions at the comfort of your home. It eliminates traveling time, and increases cost-efficiency. Besides, parents of stuttering children, too, can take part to learn about their duties and responsibilities to help improve their child’s speech and language. You can also participate in online group speech therapy sessions for more effective communication, thus improving outcomes faster.

8 ) How much time does it take?

The time for online speech therapy to show fruitful outcomes depends upon the severity of the issue and the number of speech dysfluencies. Besides, the effectiveness of online speech therapy also depends upon how well you follow the advice of your speech therapist, and whether you practice the exercises as prescribed. Also, you need to have a basic smartphone or any other device having internet connection to participate in the online therapy programs.

9 ) Could you please tell me the total cost?

The total cost of the speech therapy depends upon the severity of your stuttering issues, the amount of efforts required to put in to treat the problem, the number of sittings required to treat the problem and the age group the individual falls in (charges will be different for children and adults). Our per session charge is Rs 900 for individual-session and Rs 1000 for group sessions. Mild cases need 8 to 10 sessions. Moderate cases need 10 to 14 sessions. Severe cases need 16 to 18 sessions and very severe cases need 22 to 26 sessions including individual and group sessions provided somebody practices himself every day for min 1 hour.

Contact us for more details on our speech therapy cost structure.

10) How to book the appointment?

To enquire about slot availability and to book an appointment for online speech therapy, you can contact us via –

Call: +91-9007731490

WhatsApp: +91-9875671948


Voice Therapy

1) What is voice therapy and how it helps?

Voice therapy is a program that is designed to reduce voice problems, such as hoarseness and other abnormal voice changes. Voice therapists or speech-language pathologists conduct the therapy sessions to guide the individual to change his/her vocal behaviours and habits, while also making the necessary lifestyle changes. Further, voice therapists strive to eliminate all harmful vocal behaviours and habits to help improve your vocal health. Voice therapy also involves the healing of a vocal injury, probably after a surgery or due to injury.

2) I am a singer but I have a problem with higher notes. Is it curable?

Yes, we have designed special voice therapy sessions for signers to help them cure problems with higher notes. In case you have a phonatory gap or an early vocal nodule, you may experience problems with higher notes.

To regain your higher notes, you can practice vocal technique exercises to build your vocal strength. You must exercise 4-5 times per week at least for 30 mins to a maximum of 60 mins.

3) I have developed vocal nodules. Is it curable? My doctor suggested going for surgery but I want to avoid it. What to do?

Yes, vocal nodules can be treated merely through voice therapy conducted by a certified speech-language pathologist, and you don’t need to undergo a surgery. Regular vocal exercises can help you get rid of your vocal nodules and improve your voice quality. A Speech-Language Pathologist can treat vocal nodules in a minimum of 4-6 sittings, and a maximum of 6-8 sittings.

However, you must keep in mind that an effective treatment for vocal nodules starts with vocal rest and you must not indulge in activities like singing, speaking loudly, yelling or even whispering. Such activities lead to vocal stress and muscular tension in and around your vocal area. You need to give your nodules the required time to heal. Leave the rest upon your SLP to treat your vocal cord nodules through voice therapy sessions and dedicated vocal exercises.

4) How long will it take to regain a normal voice?

Some common voice problems like hoarseness take about one or two therapy sessions conducted every week by a professional voice therapist. It might take about 8-16 weeks to regain your normal voice. However, it might take longer in case your vocal problems are severe and are caused due to some serious issue like injury, surgery, etc. To know the best timeframe for your particular case, you need to contact your voice therapist or speech-language pathologist who will guide you throughout the process.

5) What is your treatment methodology?

We follow various treatment methodologies for voice disorders depending on your vocal requirements, the underlying cause and the nature of the problem. Our technique includes both direct and indirect approaches.

  • Direct – While the direct approaches for voice therapy focus on manipulating and changing the voice-producing mechanisms, such as phonation, musculoskeletal functions, and respiration.
  • Indirect – This includes the modification of behavioural, cognitive, psychological as well as physical movements that are involved in the voice production process. The indirect approaches are further subdivided into two categories – a) Patient Education, and b) Counseling.

6) When can I understand my improvement and after how many sessions?

Most of the voice problems, such as hoarseness, start showing positive results after 1 or 2 therapy sessions conducted each week for a stretch of 8-16 weeks. However, it might take longer depending upon the underlying cause and the severity of the problem. Your voice therapist will discuss the expected outcomes for your particular situation.

7) What is the total cost structure?

The cost structure of voice therapy depends upon the type of voice disorders you are suffering from and also the nature and extent of the voice change. For voice therapy, we charge Rs 900 for an individual session and Rs 1000 for group sessions.  Contact us to know more about the total fee structure for voice therapy sessions.

8) I am a male but my voice has a female tone. Is it curable?

It is most likely that you have puberphonia, a condition in which a person (typically males) retains his adolescent high-pitched voice even after crossing pubertal age. It is caused due to inappropriate vocal use, generally caused due to various psychological factors.

Puberphonia can be treated using special voice therapy that involves vocal exercises conducted by experienced speech-language pathologists. The condition can be treated typically within 12-18 weeks, and you will require a minimum of 10-12 sessions.

Also, always keep in mind that for puberphonia cases, practice is the key! The more you practice, the faster you will get the result.


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